What are MyGers Focus Groups? What are MyGers Focus Groups?

What are MyGers Focus Groups?

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MyGers Focus Groups are Member only focus groups that will invite Members to share their opinions and ideas directly with the Club on a range of topics, including the Membership programme itself.

Some of these sessions will take place via face-to-face groups whilst some will be online so that we can gather the opinion of fans based globally. 

We want Members to feel closer than ever to Rangers so we will be asking Members to help select and influence many of the elements that supporters come in to direct contact with on a match-day.

For example, we will run polls to allow MyGers Members to decide elements such as match-day music, fan display artwork and themed days.

For the avoidance of doubt, Club feedback sessions will not always be restricted to MyGers Members only – we will run other feedback sessions and groups throughout the season too.

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