Season ticket 24/25  Renewal FAQ Season ticket 24/25  Renewal FAQ

Season ticket 24/25 Renewal FAQ

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What is the Season Ticket renewal deadline?


The Season Ticket renewal deadline for Season 2024/25 is Monday 3 May.



How do I renew my Season Ticket?


Season Tickets can be renewed online by credit or debit card or by using one of the option below: 


Rangers Direct Debit – 4 monthly instalments at


Payments dates are Wednesday 1 May, Monday 3 June, Monday 1 July and Thursday 1 August.


Full details of your Direct Debit payment schedule will be confirmed by email once the Season ticket has been renewed.


What fees will I be charged to renew my Season Ticket?

The fees applied are: 

  • Direct Debit by 4 instalments - No fees 
  • Credit/Debit card transactions – £3 online fee applied 


I’m a season ticket holder in BF4/5 or BR4/5 and my seat is affected by increased Old Firm allocations- what do I need to do?


Supporters in BF4/5 and BR4/5 who are affected by the increased old firm allocations have until Monday 3rd of May to renew their current seat OR if they wish to choose an alternative seat which includes Celtic matches, they will have from 12pm on Friday 12th of April until Thursday 25th of April


I wish to transfer ownership of my Season Ticket to another supporter; can I do this and if so how?

Requests for change of ownership should be submitted by email to and should include the name, address, date of birth and contact details of the individual taking over the Season Ticket. The cost for changes of ownership and issuing a new smartcard is £20.


 Can I move seats and if so, how do I go about it?

All requests for seat transfers should be made via email to  and should include your Rangers number. At renewal time, your existing seat must be renewed to maintain active Season Ticket holder status.

Once renewals are completed, we can identify available seats. We don’t currently have a confirmed timeline for processing seat transfers; information will be communicated via the Club website. The cost of transferring your seat and issuing a new smartcard is £5.


 How can I enrol in the Continuous Credit Card Scheme for All Home games?


You can subscribe to the schemes online during the renewal of your Season Ticket or once you have renewed up until 31 October 2024.


The link to subscribe if you have already renewed is HERE.


How can I enrol in the Continuous Credit Card Scheme for All Away games?

Sales of all Away match tickets in Season 2024/25 are available to Season Ticket holders with a MYGERS membership. To purchase a MYGERS membership please click here.


What are the ticket office opening hours?

The ticket office is open every Thursday and Friday from 10am-4pm, every Saturday from 9am-12pm(Only when Rangers have a home match on the Sunday) and every home matchday from 10am-kick off


I haven’t received anything regarding Season Ticket renewals. Why is that?

All Season Ticket renewal information was communicated to supporters via email and is now an online only process. If you did not receive a renewal email please let us know by email, including your name and Rangers number, to


I can’t log into my online account and need help?


Before you can continue you MUST reset your password.


Log into your online account HERE.


Please use your Rangers number and select the ‘Forgotten Your Password?’ option.


You will receive instructions on how to reset your password via email.


Please ensure your email address is up to date and note that the password reset must be completed within 30 minutes.


A tutorial video is available below:



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