Rangers Supporter Engagement Strategy Rangers Supporter Engagement Strategy

Rangers Supporter Engagement Strategy

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RANGERS Football Club is today delighted to share our new supporter engagement strategy.

The comprehensive engagement strategy reflects the club’s commitment to strengthening the relationship between Rangers and our loyal supporters in the UK and worldwide.

Based on industry-leading guidance, the strategy outlines the club’s vision and objectives to enhance our fan engagement across various channels and platforms.

Rangers is proud to be the first club in Scotland to publish a comprehensive supporter engagement strategy and believe the strategy will benefit both the club and the fans in creating a more positive and enjoyable fan experience for everyone.

As part of the commitment, new CEO James Bisgrove has been nominated as the board-level official accountable for fan engagement activities, while a Fan Advisory Board and Engagement Working Groups will be created alongside Supporter Collaboration Sessions to allow more supporters to engage with the club.

In addition to this, Rangers' newly expanded Fan Engagement Department will report directly to the CEO and board to reinforce this commitment to our supporters. Also, a dedicated fan engagement section will be introduced on the club’s website and app which will provide information, updates and resources on fan engagement activities.

Supporters can access the full strategy here.

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